We are all on a musical journey.

Music is not just about notes on a page or hot licks. It is about the expression of life and culture.

One of the basic lessons of the teacher is that the teaching is only a small part of the process. The student needs to understand that the lesson will not be assimilated immediately and it is only meant as a springboard to facilitate one’s own explorations. There are no instant results, we are always working towards a larger goal. One must spend the time cultivating the musician they dream to be.
I have never felt that musical proficiency came naturally for me. Therefore, during my journey I have had to study the processes of learning music intimately. There is no one right way for everyone. We all have our own voice. As a teacher it is my job to help the student discover and nurture ones own voice. It is a great joy for me to share this passion with others.

Fortunately this is fun. It has to be fun or at least feed you in some way or why bother?

Teacher’s Motto:

  • Be Clear
  • Take Small Steps with many successes
  • Be efficient

Student’s Motto:

  • Trust the Teacher
  • Work Hard
  • Have Fun

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